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01. Pu (L) Thangkhotual leh Pi (L) Nemzavung tapa upapen, 1926 in Mong-on ,Thanlon Sub-Div. ah a pieng hi.

02. 1932 in Mong-on L.P. School ah kaipan hi.

03. 1943 in Army Boy in lut a, Army lam siemna (Education) teng 1st Class in 1948 tan in a na zou hi.

04. 1953 in a zi Nouzanem toh kiteeng uhi. 1955 in Tribal Development ah Clerk nasep toh I.A. sim a thuo hi.

05. 1959 in UMZO a phutkhie a, Secretary in a pang hi.

06. 1959 in Tuaitengphai ah H/S a na hong hi.

07. 1960 in St. Edmund College ah B.A. Economics ( Hons) a zou hi.

08. 1962 in Lecturer in Churachandpur Higher Secondary School ah a pang a, M.P. Election ah a ding hi.

09. Newspaper tuomtuom – “Young Democrat”, “Young Zomi” leh “Thuthang” a na pankhie hi. (Thuthang -1971 in a pan a, Zomi thu a tangkoupi hi).

10. 1966 in Gauhati University nuoi ah M.A (Eco) a na zou hi.

11. 1971 M.P. Election a na ding hi.

12. 1972 in Z.N.C. a na phutkhie hi.

13. 1974 in M.L.A. Singngat A/C ah telching ahia, Deputy Minister (Co-op) a na tu hi.

14. 1988 a ZORO phutkhete lah ah pang hi.

15. Ta pasal 5 leh numei 4 a nei hi. 2002 in Hattuom Upa Ordination December 15, 2002in a tang hi.

16. Pu T. Gougin pen mi kukal leh taima a na hizing a, a siltup thupipen khat ahileh, Zomi pumpi gawmkhawm ding chi ahi.

A tanchin Bu a a na gendan in Laibu 500 val a na sim zou a, tuate lah ah tam anuoi ate a lunglutna pen in a
gen hi.

01. Discovery of India : Jawaharlal Nehru
02. Profiles in Courage: John. F. Kennedy.
03. A Treasury of the Worlds Great speeches.
04. Principles of Social Reconstruction : B. Russell
05. New Hopes of changing World : B. Russell.
06. The nature of Leadership : Arian.
07. Mao-Tse Tung & Gandhi : Bandhyo Padraya.
08. My Experiment with Truth : Gandhi.
09. If I were assassinated : Bhutto.
10. Lenin & Russian Revolution :
11. Wisdom of the west : Russell.
12. Asian Drama : Gunnar Myrdal.
13. The American Democracy : Kissinger.
14. The Frontier Man : Dr Vumkohau.
15. ‘O’ Jerusalem.

Tualeh, laibu gel lunglut mi ahia, tam anuoi a teng a na giel hi :

01. Zou Tangthu.
02. They sacrifice for Mankind
03. Tales from Shakespeare
04. An Indian Army Primer
05. English - Hindustani - Paite Primier
06. War Against Poverty.
07. Martyrte Tangthu
08. ABC of Zomi Economics.
09. Zogam Novel minthang
10. Hindi into Tribal dialects.
11. Hindi Pau zilna.
12. Zoram tan Duhthlanna.
13. Zogam Kumpi pai ding dan.
14. Nehru’s Journey on Earth.
15. Two Nouns can save India.
16. Discovery of Zomi Resurgence
17. Discovery of Zoland.
18. History of Zomi
19. This is how I know Indira Gandhi.
20. Must Manipur March Ahead.
21. Too much for Tears but plunge on
22. Re-unification of Congress.
23. Revamp of Political System a must for India.
24. My Role as a Parliamentarian.
25. Gems of Late President Kennedy.
26. What life has taught me.
27. Zogam itna late.
28. Students English Grammar.
29. Life Sketch of T. Gougin

Much more to be added..

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A yoo.....yoo.!!!
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hey gang.!
i nevr seen any web site lik ur's ya.GR8!!!